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Welcome to Adimus Ltd

Providing Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investments that consider positive societal change alongside competitive financial returns.

With an increased global focus on social and environmental issues, investors are increasingly motivated to invest into companies, organisations, and funds that address social and environmental challenges, through their deployment of capital, alongside a financial return.

By having Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing (SRI) at the core of our beliefs, Adimus Ltd structures and promotes investments that we believe to be environmentally and socially responsible; investments that are designed to provide investors with attractive income streams and high potential for capital growth. 

Specifically created and selected for professional Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) and Institutional Investors, we provide access to leading SRI investment products that have been selected and structured to complement more traditional asset classes. Whether looking for income, capital growth or combinations of both we have selected a portfolio of investments to satisfy all tastes.

Our team of investment specialists works closely with financial institutions and industry professionals to create a range of unique investment opportunities. These currently include investments into: Healthcare and Education, Renewable Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility Investing into SMEs.

PLEASE NOTE: Adimus Ltd make no warranty as to the veracity or appropriateness of any fund, product, service or tax planning arrangement displayed in this website. Neither do Adimus Ltd accept responsibility for any of the content contained in any brochures, videos, audios, documents supplied or any other marketing material made available to view, hear or download from this website. Many of the funds, products, services or tax planning arrangements displayed on this website are not suitable for retail investors and all documentation is provided by Adimus Ltd is done so in good faith. However, it is the responsibility of a regulated person or firm to complete their own full and independent due diligence before recommending any fund, product, service or tax planning arrangement displayed on this website to any client.

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